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Classes & Events

Energy Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Stress Management 

Managing Anxiety  - Isabel Mize, MA
On-Demand Class & Discussion Group
$65/class purchase

Cultivating Resilience in Stressful Times
Michelle Veneziano, DO
(CEU Credits Available)

Forgiveness Practice - Sa Ra'h, RN

Past Life Regression Shannon Bond
Sunday 6/9, 10-11:30am PST

Astrology & Numerology 

Eclipse Astrology - Tashi Powers
Webinar & Handout


Ayurvedic Foundations
Belinda Macri
5 wk class, Thurs 5/30-27, 5:30-7pm PST
$325/5 week series

Energy Healing and Connection to Divine Wisdom

Divine Feminine Healing   Hannah Bourke
1st & 3rd Wednesday
7-9 pm PST

Higher Self & Soul Guides
Amanda Mia Mehalick
6 wk class, Tues 5/28-7/2, 10a-12p PST
$399/6 week class

Sacred Sensuality 
Amanda Mia Mehalick
6 wk class, Sat 6/22-7/27, 10a-12p PST
$399/6 week class

Sound Meditation 
Erica Nguyen
Fridays 1-1:30pm PST


Higher Self Meditation
Hannah Bourke

Chakra Balancing Meditation
Isabel Mize 

Centering Meditation with Belinda Macri

Monday Intentional Prayer
Katharina Simkins

Sound Healing

Sound Bath with Erica Nguyen
Friday May 31, 6-7pm PST
Home Yoga, San Anselmo

Numerology Blueprint 1:1
Lupe Del Toro
Private Sessions
$150/1 hour session

One on One Private Session

Evolutionary Astrology 1:1
Tashi Powers
Private Sessions
$333 Ora Special Rate

Spiritual Counseling
Stecia Shanti 
Private Sessions
$145/1 hour session

Upcoming Classes 


State of Grace

A Love Filled Life

Numerology Sound

Making Flower Essences

Creating Daily Practice


Feng Shui

Herbal Wisdom

Holistic Beauty 

Astrological Vashtus
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