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Higher Self & Guides ~ Connecting to Your Spiritual Lineage 
with Amanda Mia Mehalick
6 week journey 

New Session Starting
Tuesday May 28, 10 am - 12 pm

Do you find yourself asking the questions: 

Who am I? Where do I fit in the World? How do I heal myself? How can I discover/live more of my life purpose?

If so, then you’re most likely on a path of spiritual awakening…


The path of connecting to yourself as a spiritual + multidimensional being, is incredibly rewarding and will lead you into states of wholeness & balance. One way of opening up to & accelerating this journey, is to begin forming a foundational connection to your Higher Self, Guides, Soul/Spirit, & Unseen Friends. 


What You'll Explore:

  • Learn who/what your Higher Self, Guides, Guardian AngelsSoul/Spirit & Unseen Friends are and the ways they each can uniquely contribute to your well-being. 

  • How to build & enhance your relationship with these deeply supportive energies. 

  • Meditation, Automatic Writing, and other tools for both discernment and embodied connection. 

  • Opening up your capacity to receive in greater ways.

Please Have Handy: 

  • Something to write with/on 

  • Meditation accouterments (pillow, crystals, candle, etc.), altar items, and oracle cards if you have them. 

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