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Creating the Love You Seek:
Tuning into the Frequency of
Higher Love 
with Soniyah Singh (Love Coach)
Class Available Soon

Soniyah passionately believes that with Love all things are possible. She is a Love Researcher, Empowered Matchmaker, Relationship Coach and a guide for over 16 years. Her life's calling is to help people be the Love they want and create the Love they want. She works with singles and couples of all ages, orientations, and backgrounds.


Through her years in practice and research she has found that the medicine of Love and Compassion can heal conscious and unconscious barriers to Love, Relationships, Intimacy and Pleasure. She has seen over and over again that Love is Inevitable, if you are willing to do, what she calls, the Heartwork. 


With hundreds of real and profound Love stories under her belt, she is writing a book of stories that shares the journey to Bliss, inspiring others to believe in the power of Love and healing. 


Find the Love you want with Soniyah, founder of Finding Bliss (

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