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Lupe Deltoro 
Numerologist & Sound Alchemist

We live in a harmonious reality. It is our choices and thoughts that alter or change our vibration /perception.

Our life is an orchestra that plays a song thats eternal, timeless, ongoing. Within the song, we heal, grow, and

become stronger. We dance to the song, cry, laugh and even change the beat. But the song will always remain the same. A perfect song. We are the musical notes within the orchestra, and we meet those who help tune and refine our spirit. So our melody is harmonious. So the music never stops G.DT

Everything on this planet, including your soul has its own resonant frequency. All things, whether it be plants, animals, or the unseen - carry a vibration that can be translated into sound/numbers.

My journey of self-discovery kicked off back in 2013, sparked by the mysteries and struggles that surround us daily, pushing me to question what truths lie beneath and how I can make a difference in the lives of those I encounter. Through personal growth and dedication, I've strived to become a better version of myself, allowing me to share my experiences and practical wisdom to support others along their paths.

In my pursuit of integrating old age wisdom into our modern world, I had a friend recommend numerology. Though I wasn’t as open to the idea then, as I dove further, it captivated me with its revelations of interconnectedness woven through numbers. I've embraced various healing modalities, drawing inspiration from the resonance of sound and the eternal insights passed down by my ancestors, all aimed at helping others on their unique journeys.

The journey of self-discovery is a lifelong commitment, and I'm grateful for the tools and insights I've acquired along the way, enabling me to continue offering guidance and restoring faith in those who seek it. ~ Lupe Del Toro

Numerology that will give you the tools to understand yourself, and your life path. You’ll develop a level of understanding that goes beyond numbers - a spiritual understanding.

Numbers 1-9 carry a specific vibration that each individual in this lifetime will

express. We experience these various number vibrations throughout our lives.

Each vibration guiding us towards our purpose, lessons, and connections.


We all have Personal Vibrations, numbers we incarnated into at birth.


We figure this out by decoding your Full Name and Birthdate

There are 4 personal vibrations we go over.


- Soul

- Path of Destiny

- Life Lesson

- Outer Personality.

Aside from the numbers 1-9 we have other number combos called “Master Numbers"

Usually they are -

- 11

- 22

- 33

- 44

Master Numbers go beyond these as well.


The Divine Triangle

In this method we are using your name alongside a geometric shape - “Pythagorean theorem”


Each shape symbolizing a cycle in our life, as well as an element. All cycles and experiences are shown to us here. We will utilize all of these tools to help you better understand how your past , present, and future are all interconnected.

Discovering Your Divine Blueprint
Individual sessions 

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