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Our Story

Leave some room in your heart for the unimaginable

- Mary Oliver
Our Story

We are so glad you found us! Ora was created with the intention to share information and experiences in wellness and spirituality ✨ Ora aims to be your best source for wellness information through articles, online and in-person classes, podcasts, recipes, travel tips, retreats and much more.

We are a collective of healers, creators, teachers, and seekers who share a passion for a life of transformation and service. We seek to bring together a global community for exploring and expanding conscious living.

Ora was founded by Stecia Shanti, MA, MIM.  Stecia is a psychotherapist, life coach and ordained minister.  Stecia has studied energy healing extensively under the tutelage of Jack Schwarz, holds a Masters in Psychology from Northwestern University, and completed the Masters Certification program at the Academy of Intuition Medicine.  She also has trained extensively in using and formulating flower essences and herbal studies.  Stecia has organized sound healing events, cacao ceremonies, women's circles, Healers & Makers fairs and other wellness events in Los Angeles and the Bay Area.  She also served as Healer in Residence at RA MA Institute in Los Angeles in 2023.  She was inspired to start Ora by the amazing global community of healers with whom she has worked.  This community inspired her to create a resource and community with the intention of helping people find tools, resources and healers to guide them towards their own healing, wherever they happen to be on their spiritual and wellness journey.

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