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Belinda Macri

Belinda believes we all have the capacity to live in emotional, physical and spiritual health.  She is a Holistic Health Coach encompassing both eastern and western modalities. With over a decade of experience, education and practice, her rich background also includes a passion for applying the lifestyle practices of Ayurveda that she learned through her training at the renowned Chopra Center.  A Yoga and Meditation teacher, a certified Wellness Coach and a Health Coach specializing in Lyme disease, she developed and implemented the Taking Flight (Unleashing Your Inner Potential) wellness program for schools, and opened and ran the Clearwater Wellness Retreat for both individuals and groups.  She is a master of a wide array of techniques that can be applied to reach overall wellness and happiness.  

"What is Wellness... my experiences bring a clarity that is the integration of mind, bothy and spirit, where all emotions are integrated in a positive way, our needs are met, and we nourish ourselves with vibrant food and lifestyle practices in which a Balanced life unfolds effortlessly." - Belinda


Health Coach - Dr. Bill Rawls, Founder/Medical Director, Vital Plan

Certified Health and Well-Being Coach - Wellcoaches and the College of Lifestyle Medicine

Certified Personal Health Coach - Wellcoaches

Founder of Clearwater Retreat Wellness Center

Developer of Taking Flight - Wellness Program for Schools

Chopra Auyrvedic Health Instructor - Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant - AAPNA

Certified Yoga Instructor, 300 Hours - American Yoga Academy

Certified Meditation Teacher - International School of Meditation and Oneness in the Himalayas

Introduction to Ayurveda

An Ayurvedic Lifestyle Program


Tools to enhance your physical and emotional wellbeing:


Lesson 1 - Introduction to Ayurveda

Lesson 2 - Ayurvedic Nutrition

Lesson 3 - Emotional Freedom

Lesson 4 - Inner Pharmacy

Lesson 5 - Ayurvedic Daily Routine


It is possible for each of us to achieve and maintain a vibrant and joyful state of health by identifying our mind-body nature and learning how to keep it balanced.  Understanding how the basic elements of nature are expressed in our individual constitution enables us to make better choices to maximize balance and well-being.  


Join in this 5 class course, one and half hours in length, every Thursday starting May 30th.

Starts May 30
Classes May 30, June 6, 13, 20, 27
5:30-7pm PST

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