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Water from Nature

Constituting 75% of the human body, water is essential to our health and wellness, mental acuity, skin elasticity, digestive functioning, hormone balance, and so much more.  Where do you get your water from? Did you know that tap water has been found to contain unhealthy bacteria, plastics, pesticides and herbicides, chlorine, and arsenic? Water sourcing can be confusing and confounding.  What we ultimately want is water that is clean of unwanted chemicals, plastics and bacteria and water that is alkaline, structured (more on this later) and full of minerals such as silica, calcium and magnesium.  

There are a variety of options for filtration systems to clean and mineralize your water.  Another natural and potentially easy way to access the best water is to source it from a local natural mountain spring.  There are natural springs all around the world.  You can visit to find one near you and to get information about the water at that particular spring.  Many, have individuals who serve as stewards testing the water, installing metal pour out pipes (rather than PVC) and making sure the springs are kept up for easy access. 

Sometimes people leave gifts or flowers to bless and express gratitude to Mother Nature for the free clean healthy water.  If you go, remember to take glass containers with you and leave the space as clean or cleaner than you found it.  Happy hydrating!

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