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Structured Water

Structured water is water that has been organized in a specific geometric pattern. Structured water is more easily absorbed by cells, leading to better hydration and improved cellular function. Proponents argue that structured water has lower surface tension, making it more "wet" and better able to penetrate cells, tissues, and membranes. It is believed that structured water has a higher energy level than that of regular water, which may result in increased vitality as well.

Structured water can likely improve the absorption of nutrients from food and supplements, potentially leading to better overall health. It is also believed to have a higher ability to flush out toxins from the body, aiding in detoxification processes.

Enthusiasts often report that structured water tastes smoother and feels silkier in the mouth in comparison to regular water.

Advocates claim that structured water devices can help reduce water usage and improve water quality in agriculture, leading to healthier plants and higher crop yields.

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