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Wellness & Soulful Finds in Ashland Oregon

Walking into Elder Apothecary feels like walking into a portal.  At the tables by the door, two women are deeply focused on a Tarot reading session.  People work and read at the other tables in the entry.  In the back of the space is a beautiful tea counter and herbal area where patrons can order special tea blends, each formulated towards a specific need of the body, mind or spirit.  Along the walls are tinctures, flower essences, oils, herbal blends and more.  If you lean towards wellness, you will feel like a kid in a candy store when you enter this serene space.   If you happen to find yourself in Ashland, don't miss a stop at Elder Apothecary for a cup of tea. Elder Apothecary is at #5 N. Main St. STE 2Ashland, OR. 97520

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