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Herbal Face Masks

Anti-Acne Herbal Healing Face Mask

This recipe was borrowed from Humblebee and Me

1 tsp dried calendula flowers
1 tsp dried white willow bark
1 tsp dried arnica flowers

1 smidgen aloe vera 200x powder (or hydrate with aloe vera juice)
1 tbsp French green clay 
1 tbsp bentonite or white kaolin clay 
2 tsp  zinc oxide

Blend the herbs together in a coffee grinder. Once they are mostly powdered, tap them through a fine sieve to remove any large pieces of botanical matter. Keep the powder, and discard the large bits.

Run the aloe vera powder, clays, and  zinc oxide through the coffee grinder as well. Add the herbs and blend everything together to combine.

To use, combine a few teaspoons of the clay mixture with some warm water and spread across the skin. Let dry, rinse off, 

Thyme for Me Mask

From the Herbal Academy website: 

Know anyone who needs more “me time?” Using a face mask requires a little break from business-as-usual! Thyme, lavender, and rosemary combine for this invigorating mask with antimicrobial and astringent properties.

Mix ¼ cup oatmeal with a tablespoon each of dried lavender leaves, rosemary leaves, and thyme leaves in a food processor. Add a small amount of fresh aloe vera gel. Seal the paste in an airtight container.

To use, mix the mask powder with enough water to moisten to a spreadable consistency, apply to face (avoiding eye area), and leave on for 15 minutes for a soothing and invigorating self-care ritual.

Almond, Honey and
Rosewater Mask

This recipe is from the Umi website:

An excellent mask for dry and/or blemished complexion. Almond flour, milk, and honey deeply nourish the skin while rosewater serves as a brightening toner.

Mix two tablespoons each of milk powder and almond flour with one tablespoon each of honey and rosewater. Apply this paste evenly to the face, neck, and décolleté. Leave on for twenty minutes (it will get a bit dry). Rinse with cold water. This mask is gentle enough to use daily. To brighten hyperpigmentation problems, apply the mask to specific spots and leave on overnight.

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