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Amanda Mia Mehalick 

Amanda Mia Mehalick is an Intuitive Healer, Channel and Conscious Living Guide. She holds certifications in Clairvoyant Intuitive Healing, Multidimensional Healing, Vocal Channeling, and has completed practitioner training in Tantra, Somatic Movement Therapy and Shamanic Studies.  Amanda also holds a Masters of Intuitive Medicine (MIM).  Additionally, she has over 13 years of experience working as a professional Intuitive, Consciousness Business Coach, and published metaphysical author.  For 1:1 sessions with Amanda, To book a 1:1 session with Amanda, please visit:

In this video, I spoke with Amanda Mia Mehalick to discuss connecting to and living from one's soul essence and to learn about her two Ora classes, Higher Self, Guides Spirit and Unseen Friends (starting May 28) and Sacred Sensuality (starting June 22).  

Sacred Sensuality:
Accessing your
Erotic Blueprint 

Higher Self, Guides, Spirit & Unseen Friends 

~ Connecting to Your Spiritual Lineage

Throughout time women have been asked - if not told - to suppress their sensuality or to save it for the male gaze. 

For when a woman’s sensuality is explored & expressed in its healthy form (ie: for herself before anyone else) this potent creative force not only can align her with her Souls frequency, it can magnetize her ability to usher in empowered realities. 


Tapping into your eroticism, is tapping into your inner World. 

It is connecting to your desires, wants, & needs - as well as the deservability needed to satiate them. 

It requires moving out of logic + reason and into feeling + sensation. 

The journey will ask you to confront past hurts the body has stored, social/inherited shame, and outdated feminine lineage patterning. 


With classes set up to be both learning/experiential and movement based, you’ll leave feeling integrated & grounded. 


There is nothing more powerful than a woman who knows what she wants, feels she deserves it, and has no fear with receiving it. 

Are you ready for this to be you? 


Join me, Amanda Mia Mehalick Intuitive Healer, Channel, & Sensual Embodiment Guide, for a 6 week journey to Access Your Erotic Blueprint. 


Within this Journey You will: 

+ Move the body in safe and sacred ways that evoke the release of latent power

+ Tap into your eroticism and discover the story it longs to share

+ Release the ’small’ stories that keep your Sensual-Soulful-Self hidden

+ Gift your body self-induced pleasure, while being held in a cauldron of feminine magic

+ Learn about your ‘yes’s’ ’no’s’ and gain more access to honoring them  


 To Make this Journey Comfortable Please: 

+ Wear something that makes you feel ultra luscious & beautiful, as well as something you are comfortable moving in. 

+ Bring items to set up your personal movement space (yoga mat, blanket, pillow, etc.) 

+ Have something to write with/write on handy as well as any meditation accoutrements 

Do you find yourself asking the questions: 

Who am I? Where do I fit in the World? How do I heal myself? How can I discover/live more of my life purpose?

If so, then you’re most likely on a path of spiritual awakening…


The path of connecting to yourself as a spiritual + multidimensional being, is incredibly rewarding and will lead you into states of wholeness & balance. One way of opening up to & accelerating this journey, is to begin forming a foundational connection to your Higher Self, Guides, Soul/Spirit, & Unseen Friends. 


What You'll Explore:

  • Learn who/what your Higher Self, Guides, Guardian AngelsSoul/Spirit & Unseen Friends are and the ways they each can uniquely contribute to your well-being. 

  • How to build & enhance your relationship with these deeply supportive energies. 

  • Meditation, Automatic Writing, and other tools for both discernment and embodied connection. 

  • Opening up your capacity to receive in greater ways.

Please Have Handy: 

  • Something to write with/on 

  • Meditation accouterments (pillow, crystals, candle, etc.), altar items, and oracle cards if you have them. 

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