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Join Shannon for this guided journey into the unfolding of one of your past lives. You will be guided into hypnosis to discover elements of the past life most impacting your current life. We will look for peak emotional moments in these past lives wherein a learning occurred. If what was learned was not in alignment with our highest potential, we can work to make positive changes to live a life that directs us back toward that potential. If what we learned in our past life was in alignment with our highest potential, we can work to shine a light on it, to magnify it, and to remember the beauty and perfection that we truly are.

* Remember to bring a journal with you to memorialize what you receive during your session.

Shannon Bond

Shannon Bond holds certifications in Transpersonal and Clinical Hypnotherapy, as well as Sound Healing Facilitation. 


Moving through layers of time and experience, he guides his clients to a place of comfort, revelation, and peace while holding space for the therapeutic expression and release of trauma and emotion. 


Shannon helps his clients relax, ground, and restore into their essence. Using sound creates a safe, healing, and rejuvenating space to move purposefully into their power.


Offering 1-on-1 and group Sound Healing services at Pacific Sky Sounds, and Hypnotherapy sessions at Shannon Bond Hypnosis. Shannon is thrilled to now offer group "Past Life Regression", "Communing With Your Guides", and "Chakra Spa" hypnosis sessions with The Ora Source.

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