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Sa Ra'h 

Sa Ráh, MSN, FNP-C

Psychedelic Nurse Practitioner |Mind-Body Medicine | Internal Family Systems | Product Developer | Artist


Sa Ráh – pronounced like "que sera sera" – earned her Master of Science in Nursing from Georgetown University, and went on to become a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. Her career has spanned over 24 years in allopathic medicine, specializing in critical and cardiac care, integrative health, mind-body medicine, and internal family systems, and subconscious reprogramming. Through this myriad of roles, she developed a profound ability to hold space for people in their darkest times. Her personal journey with life and health has taken her around the world, studying diverse cultures and acquiring a vast array of expertise in numerous modalities of health and healing. Sa Ráh works with a deep knowledge of the body, how it works, and the true origins of health and dis-ease.

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Forgiveness Ritual
Date TBA

We all have this idea that forgiveness is a good thing and that it may be harder said than done...but what does forgiveness actually mean? And how does one actually perform the act of forgiveness? You can say you forgive BOB, but it doesn’t FEEL like anything shifted or changed. Forgiveness is mostly shared as a concept, and it is a bit vague at best. We'd like to turn it into an activity and a tool that you may use to keep your “emotional house” clean for the rest of your life. Think one part meditation, embodiment, visualization, and the magic sauce is the NLP (neural linguistic programming) part that unlocks the subconscious energy for a very powerful release. It’s like using the tools of manifestation in reverse.

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