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Mike Pinette

Mike's life has been a profound journey of self-expression through visual art and music, deeply rooted in exploring emotions and subconscious patterns. His exploration of sound extends beyond mere listening; it's a tangible experience where movement, breath, and sound intertwine to free the spirit and access the heart's deepest emotions.


As a visual artist, Mike's work reflects the intricate layers of the subconscious, serving as a canvas for introspection. His background in energy medicine, hypnotherapy, and trauma-informed practices has enabled him to guide others on their paths to self-discovery, helping them uncover and embrace their true selves.


Mike's pursuit of knowledge has taken him around the world, from ancient temples to remote villages, blending traditional wisdom with contemporary scientific insights. Today, he stands at a unique crossroads of these experiences, applying a holistic approach to help individuals reconnect with their inner essence and navigate their personal transformations.

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