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Juice cleanses offer detoxification benefits by providing a concentrated dose of nutrients from fruits and vegetables. The idea is that these nutrients support the body’s natural detox processes, like liver function, and help flush out toxins.  Juice cleanses also offer benefits such as weight loss, energy boosts and improved digestion.  

Juice cleanses can also offer a break for the digestive system and offer a reset for the body and metabolism. The caloric restriction, forces cells to make the most of the nutrients in the body and at the same time the body breaks down unhealthy fats and toxins stored in the cells.  The restriction causes the cells to function at their most efficient level. Studies have shown this autophagy to be beneficial in slowing the development of cancer cells and healing a stressed liver.  

Another benefit is to give the body a chance to flush out any surplus of AGEs from fried foods, proteins and fats combining with sugar and causing glycation in the body, which has been linked to oxidative stress, diabetes and chronic diseases.  

Juice cleaning also resets dopamine levels in the brain.  In our modern tech driven society, we are often getting dopamine from unhealthy sources. A reset and reflection on this is a good start to a better future.  In addition, fasting leads to a clearer mind, improved memory and a sharpened sense of the body as toxins are flushed from the bloodstream.

Juice Cleansing

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