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Joanna Pitt

Joanna Pitt is a writer, evolutionary astrologer, yoga and meditation teacher, and producer of wellness events and media. A graduate of Duke University, she has an extensive career across Entertainment, Tech start-ups, Advertising, and the Wellness industry. Over the last decade, she has been focused on personal growth and expanding consciousness through different modalities including Kundalini yoga, meditation, mantra and sound healing, and the study and application of astrology. She is deeply inquisitive and passionate in using and teaching the language of the cosmos to understand how energy moves within us and reframe our

experiences as divine gifts. Joanna spends her time giving private astrology consultations, teaching, making mantra music, and conversing about the spiritual mysteries of the natural world on her podcast, This Aquarian Life. Learn more about Joanna’s astrology offerings at

Astrology for Beginners

Class Dates/Times:
Tuesdays April 30, May 7 and May 14, 12-1:30 pm PDT
and Sunday May 19, 12-1:30 pm PST
All classes online live (recording available for registered participants)

An introduction to the basic principles of astrology that begins with the Signs, Planets, and Houses. Spend time learning the archetypal language of the zodiac from fiery Aries to dreamy Pisces. Learn the structure and meaning of the zodiac wheel and the relationships of the planets in aspect to one another. Whether you are a complete novice or an advanced beginner, this course will explain the fundamentals of astrology in an easy and understandable way.


Astrology for Beginners focuses on the 12 signs and archetypes of the western tropical zodiac that originated with the Babylonians in the 1st millennium BCE. While the myths and meanings have evolved over thousands of years – and new planets discovered – our intention remains analogous. Astrology offers a deeper understanding of our own human experience as members of the cosmic universe.



Over four sessions, you will explore the cosmic alphabet and the energetic resonance of the planets in our galaxy and how each blueprint is within us and manifests in our lives.

Session 1:  Planets

Start your astrological education by meeting the planets in our solar system and learn their unique energetic imprints.

Session 2:  Signs

Become familiar with the 12 signs and corresponding nature of our personalities and human experience. Learn how the four Elements (Fire, Earth, Air Water) and three Modes (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable) add dimension to the archetypes.

Session 3:  Houses and Relationships between the Planets

Explore the division of the sky to track our growth and daily lives through the 12 Houses. Examine the planets in relation to each other and learn basic aspects such as conjunction, square, opposition, and more. Consider the moon cycle and the effects of planetary movements. 

Session 4:  Reading a Chart

Each chart grid is a broadcast that includes all the elements – planets, signs, and houses. Review common terms and concepts, various approaches to astrology, and view charts to see how patterns are created. To work with Joanna 1:1 visit

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