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In this class, Clinical Psychotherapist and Energy Healer Isabel Mize explores the symptoms, causes and connections to the energetics of anxiety and provides tools and guidance for clearing anxiety with energy healing practices.

Isabel Mize

Isabel is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist. She holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of San Francisco and has been working as a therapist with individuals and groups since 2009.  In addition, she is a practitioner of Intuition Medicine® and Energy Healing and received her Master of Intuition Medicine® Certification (MIM) from the Academy of Intuition Medicine®.

Isabel believes that we are our own greatest healers and everything we need is within us. She takes an integrative approach when it comes to working with clients. In addition to her work in private practice, Isabel's past experience involves working with patients in a hospice setting offering a combination of individual and group counseling services to patients/families.  Her training and experience is around addressing the emotional and spiritual needs related to the impact of illness, transitions, anxiety, loss, and grief. In specializing in grief and loss, she has found that existential therapy, humanistic psychology and energy healing are modalities and philosophies that she embraces in her practice.  Her approach studies the whole person, and the uniqueness and divinity of each individual. She believes that change occurs through finding philosophical and spiritual meaning in the face of anxiety, loss, transitions, or grief. Who are we in the face of uncertainty and conflict? Discovering our own life meaning and taking responsibility in the construction of our life is the first step to authentic growth and change.  For more information about Isabel's psychotherapy practice, please visit

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