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Flower and Gem Allies for Depression

Mustard - To lift one out of the deepest depression and darkness of the psyche.  Mustard helps bring light to the darkness and to start to heal broken parts of the self from the past.  This is very useful for brining light into the darkest emotions and transforming these states for healing and a more joyful life.

St John's Wort - This can be helpful for seasonal affective disorder. This essence assist the soul to move light through the body to illuminate the entire body and consciousness.

Borage -  When the soul is overwrought with grief and sadness, and the heart feels heavy and contracted, borage is useful for bringing a lightness back to the he soul.  This remedy allows for a sense of being able to rise above, rather than be swallowed up into, one's circumstances. A  wonderful remedy for uplifting the soul. 

Pine - For those who blame themselves and get stuck in feeling so responsible for the past actions that one is unable to move forward in the present. Helps the self to learn true forgiveness. Allows one to nourish the self rather than withholding love one might not feel worthy of.  Pine allows for greater self acceptance and self love.

Gorse - For those who are steeped in a deep soul depression. This remedy brings back hope that then brings a greater sense of emotional and phsyical healing and opens one to the nourishment of the light.  With Gorse, the soul learns to use light to alchemize and transmute darkness into light and illumination of even the darkest situations.

Agrimony - For those who show joy on the outside but are hiding their true internal state of troubled emotions. 

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