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Flower and Gem Allies for Anxiety

Aspen - For generalized anxiety and fear without a specific cause. Good for calming a general fear of anxiousness and the sense that something terrible is going to happen. Good for nightmares.  Shifts the dark into a brighter outlook.

Mimulus - For fear and anxiety related to a specific area of life (health, money, death, specific phobias).  Also good for social anxiety and extreme shyness or fear in social situations due to being overly self conscious.

Red Chestnut - For those who worry about their loved ones, who are always expecting that something terrible will happy to their family and friends.  Always expecting something bad and jumping to the worst case scenario.  For those who are overprotective and attached to those they love and care about.  This essence helps relieve the all consuming nature of their worries. 

Rock Rose - This essence is useful for those who have extreme anxiety and panic attacks.  For fears that feel overwhelming but without a specific reason, though completely debilitating to the person.   This essence gives some relief from the anxiety and sense of fear and doom.  

Elm - Useful for easing feelings of being overwhelmed by life and personal responsibility.  To ease exhaustion for those with a tendency to take on excessive responsibility and burn the candle at both ends.

Amethyst - This essence increases peace of mind and a sense of connection to a greater spiritual wisdom. Increases psychic abilities and increases the protection of the auric field. 

Agate - Useful for calming the mind and bringing harmony to the emotional body. Calming ocean wave- like energy. Helpful for increasing concentration and decreasing distractibility in the mind. Helps focus the mind and words.  

Rutilated Quartz - Useful when feeling overwhelmed by the input of the physical and non-physical world.  Helps to synthesize, use and understand intuitive information and assists in communicating that information to others in a helpful way. 

Assists us to ground into the ability to access, understand and communicate spiritual information from other dimensions.

Larch - Improves self-confidence, increases creative expression and spontaneity. Helps one find their voice and speak their truth. 

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