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This monthly psychic energy healing meditation series will assist you to develop deeper awareness of your innate ability to heal yourself using the power of your intuition. Facilitated by clairvoyant psychic and intuitive energy healer Hannah Bourke, the Divine Feminine Healing and Empowerment ceremonies are devoted to taking you on a deep journey within yourself where you can easefully release unconsciously held limiting beliefs, ancestral trauma, wounding and fear about trusting your own intuition, grief, guilt and shame, all while being held in an immaculate energetic container of sacred safety. Reconnect with your internal radiance as you bravely shine a light on the spaces within yourself that are calling out to be witnessed and felt so that you can step deeper into the fullness of who you are as a divine being of love in human form. 

Every month there will be a new area of focus to explore for your embodied holistic healing experience.

These online ceremonies consist of guided clairvoyant meditations, group sharing, and sound healing.  These ceremonies are held virtually, so please allow yourself to be in a quiet sanctuary space where you can journey within yourself without interruption for the two hour experience.  Wear comfortable clothes, have some tea or water nearby, and perhaps a journal to further process your experience after the ceremony closes. 

The "Divine Feminine" is an energetic principle connected to intuition. We all hold a balance of both feminine and masculine energies within ourselves, and it is my intention with these ceremonies to trust this potent connection to our internal guidance system as the clearest pathway to living in alignment with our true self. 

Our intuition is connected to our soul, and to the light of God/Source/Universal Consciousness.  The more we learn how to lean into its pull, listen to its whisper, and flow with where it is gently guiding our awareness, the more we align with the path of our Higher Self and the highest timeline for our soul in this life.

Hannah Bourke

Hannah Bourke is a trained clairvoyant psychic, intuitive energy healer, Reiki Master, and a devotional musician. She channels her heart, soul and higher self into creating spaces for people to deepen their embodied intuitive wisdom through psychic energy work and spiritual healing.  As a lifelong intuitive attuned to the unseen realms, Hannah underwent a health crisis that would catalyze her personal journey into holistic healing arts starting in 2015.  She stared practicing Reiki Energy Medicine in 2017 and in 2020 she went through a year and a half of full time intensive clairvoyant psychic development training to refine and hone her abilities to be in greater service to others on their path of spiritual growth, awareness and understanding. To work with Hannah one on one, please visit

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