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Reiki: Level 1 with Hannah Bourke

Reiki 1 Course


Reiki is a profound healing energy that brings great benefit to yourself, others, and all life. Primarily facilitated through gentle touch, or “hands on healing,” Reiki is a healing art that originated in Japan and made its way to the west and is now practiced all over the world. This Reiki 1 initiation course is the essential foundation in learning the origins and history of Reiki, and where you will receive your first Reiki attunement and begin to practice sharing Reiki healing energy with yourself and others. This course is available to anyone regardless of experience, seasoned healers and bodyworkers will benefit just as much as beginners on their spiritual path who have no experience with holistic health practices. Everyone is welcome, and Reiki benefits all. 


This Course Includes:


-2.5 hoursm of step-by-step Reiki instruction, history, and practice

-Hands-on experience healing yourself and others with Reiki

-Exploration of how to practice Reiki energy healing, and the ethics of practice

-Guidance and support on how to incorporate Reiki energy into your everyday life

-Reiki 1 attunement 

-Reiki level 1 certification upon completion of this course

In this course you’ll be guided through a full discovery of the practice with hands-on experience about how to use Reiki healing energy to bring yourself into a more balanced state of being. Reiki supports our ability to remember and embody that we are all capable of living in a gradually increasing state of wellbeing and harmony. 

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