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Hannah Bourke

Hannah Bourke is a trained clairvoyant psychic, intuitive energy healer, Reiki Master, and a devotional musician.  She channels her heart, soul and higher self into creating spaces for people to deepen their embodied intuitive wisdom through psychic energy work and spiritual healing.  As a lifelong intuitive attuned to the unseen realms, Hannah underwent a health crisis that would catalyze her personal journey into holistic healing arts starting in 2015.  She stared practicing Reiki Energy Medicine in 2017 and in 2020 she went through a year and a half of full time intensive clairvoyant psychic development training to refine and hone her abilities to be in greater service to others on their path of spiritual growth, awareness and understanding. To work with Hannah one on one, please visit

Divine Feminine Healing & Empowerment Ceremony

Beginning Wednesday April 17, 7-9 pm ongoing  bi-monthly

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